Robot Wolf model sheet (from ‘Little Red Robot Hunter’)

Red Riding Hood was never a fairytale. It was a prophecy. Set in the near future, a young loner woman living in the woods must face off against a giant robot wolf with only her agility and courage. Oh yeah, and her mystical Woodsman axe.

This is the Robot Wolf model sheet for ‘Little Red Robot Hunter’, my animated student film set for release (very) early 2015.

I had a lot of trouble nailing down a design for Wolf. Prior to starting this project I had essentially no experience drawing robots, so I spent many an hour looking at pictures of The Iron Giant, Terminator and Pacific Rim. I honestly have at least 7 pages of thumbnails sketches of robot wolf concepts from the pre-production stage, where I was trying to get a balance between cool robot detail, animation-friendly simplicity, and a lack of shitness due to my crappy robot drawing abilities. I like to think the designs got a little less shit each time. Any feedback on how I can improve my robot drawings in the future is appreciated.

See the model sheet for Red Riding Hood HERE


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