Sneak Preview of ‘Little Red Robot Hunter’ (2015) PART 2

Here it is: Part 2 of the sneak preview of my upcoming film ‘Little Red Robot Hunter’. Final touches are being put on the 2D animated film before it is released early next year. For the last 6 months I’ve poured my energies into making this film, and honestly? It’s looking pretty sweet. I know, I know, you can barely contain your excitement. But to tide you over in the meantime, here are some more exclusive concept pictures and screenshots from the short film:

Shh, the Robot Wolf is watching… and scanning for puny humans to kill. Quick, pretend you don’t have a pulse.
The fabled silver ‘Woodsman’ axe was the only thing Red knew that could help her take down the Big Bad Robot Wolf. She just hoped she wouldn’t die trying.
When a girl meets a giant robot wolf, they look deeply into each others eyes… and fight to the death using magical electrified weapons. (My money’s on the wolf.)

Did you miss Part 1 of the sneak preview? Lucky you can check it out here: Little Red Robot Hunter sneak preview PART 1

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