Maree Railton, animation nerd.

Hi, I’m Maree Railton, and the first thing I want to confess is that I’m a big animation nerd.

Since 2011 I’ve been crafting animations with Toon Boom and After Effects for in-studio work, award-winning series, and online projects with several million views, and in 2020 I was selected as a Toon Boom ambassador for my ongoing work and achievements in Harmony software.

Animator by trade, storyteller by heart, and big ol’ nerd since 1987 – that’s me in a nutshell.


Studio Work

Right now I specialise in Toon Boom Harmony rigging and builds in Vancouver, Canada. Most recently I was headhunted by Global Mechanic to be their Lead Harmony Rigger on the new season of the Adult Swim series Birdgirl. Previously I was at WildBrain Studios working on the new season of Disney’s The Proud Family, Peanuts CoView specials on Apple+, the Netflix revival of Johnny Test, and at Titmouse Animation for the Netflix series Archibald’s Next Big Thing.

Back in Brisbane, Australia I worked as Pixel Zoo’s Harmony advisor and sole character rigger, helping transition all major character rigs in the Moose Toys TV series Shopkins from Flash to Harmony, and developing a unique 2.5D interchangeable rig for Saban Entertainment’s unreleased Lollipoppers.

In 2015 I was scouted for various projects, most notably working for Studio Joho on the Furious 7 College Humor short which currently has racked up over 5.5 million views on Youtube.


Intellectual Property

In 2016-17 with the need for storytelling burning inside me I created the hour-long film noir series Swift And Loose, a solo-animated show which went on to be awarded Best Animated Series at NZ Webfest and was an official selection in several other international film festivals. To this day it remains my proudest achievement.

Right before embarking on Swift And Loose I exercised my extreme efficiency in animation by creating the short film Nothing Gold Can Stay in less than 36 hours. Proving to myself I could produce quality content in such a short time, Nothing Gold went on to win both the Judges’ 1st Place and the Audience Choice Award in the Newgrounds Sarcastic Animation Jam of 2015.

My graduation film Little Red Robot Hunter (2014) and earlier student short Cent Crazy (2013) were instrumental in building my confidence as a Toon Boom Harmony animator when both went on to be official selections in multiple festivals, and one an award winner.



Some of the more notable corporate commissions under my belt include a charming farm design for the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems, a motion graphics promo for Community Training Australia’s mental health program, and sketch comedy group Cheeky Moon’s animated logo… a cheeky moon.

From 2016 to 2020 I did ongoing design and animation for the Idiot’s Guide To Heroism series, developing major character designs, animatics, and pilot animation sequences under direction from the series creator.