Railtoons Animation is a freelance animation service fronted by Maree Railton, a lifelong animation geek.

After graduating from her animation class as valedictorian, Maree has continued to hone her skills as an animator and visual storyteller by creating animated campaigns for a multitude of corporate clients and web content creators. Check out some of her latest works here.

Her current flagship project is Swift & Loose, a 9-part animated web series launching on Youtube in October 2017. Swift & Loose is a noir-inspired mystery following a hard-up female detective who is forced to team up with a mysterious streetwalker to solve an abduction case.

Other creative achievements include official selection in multiple international film festivals for her 2D animated short films Cent Crazy (2013) and the award-winning Little Red Robot Hunter (2015).

To help express her bursting love for the animation medium, she also writes animation related blogs for leading Brisbane production house Explanimate.

Maree is always keen to discuss new projects and collaborations, and to geek out chat suavely with other animation fans. Contact info@railtoonsanimation.com if you’d like to discuss fun things!