Archibald’s Next Big Thing

2018-19 brought me to Vancouver, Canada, where I took on a role on the Dreamworks TV show Archibald’s Next Big Thing as Toon Boom Harmony rigger & builds artist.

Having recently found creative fulfillment with the success of Swift And Loose, I now wanted to focus on my rigging productivity, creating fast but reliable pipelines for creating excellent quality Harmony rigs. In the course of my 1.5 year contract with Titmouse Canada I rigged and built a gigantic 416 things:

  • 259 character rigs (including major character turnarounds, redresses, multi-view setups, mouth comps, and blinks)
  • 157 props (including several full vehicle turnarounds with up to 16 views, a giant multi-view robot, and various props with individual animation needs)

Alongside our building and rigging tasks my team and I were responsible for lining, clean up, and colouring of the character/props from PDFs received from the design department, and liaising with the animation supervisors to ensure animation went as smoothly as possible.

Season 1 of Archibald is out now on Netflix. Due to Dreamworks NDAs I’m unable to post direct images of my rigging process, but here’s a cute promo video with creator Tony Hale:

Season 1 promo for Archibald’s Next Big Thing