The Proud Family

This one’s close to my heart. In 2020-2021 I worked on the series revival of The Proud Family: Louder And Prouder for Disney+ as Senior Character Rigger & Builds Artist for WildBrain Studios in Vancouver. I was thrilled, not just for the prestige of working on a project for The Mouse, and not just for rigging many of the main and major characters of the beloved show, but also because I had a pre-existing connection to The Proud Family as a budding teen animator.

Back in the ancient days of high school I did work experience at Brisbane studio Liquid Animation, who at the time were working on Season Two of the original Proud Family series (along with Duck Dodgers, if you remember that random Daffy Duck gem). I clearly remember the strong yearning (a.k.a. desperation) I felt after that experience of wanting someday to be a cool animator, working in a cool studio, on a cool project like that. Many years and many projects later, The Proud Family is now a favourite part of my showreel.

Follow your dreams, kids. (Also practice hard, work smart, become a pro at your niche, and move somewhere you can find quality work in your field. But yeah, follow your dreams.)