In 2017 I worked in-studio at Pixel Zoo in Brisbane, Australia as their lead (and only) 2D rigger/builder and Toon Boom Harmony advisor. Their major series was/is the Moose Toys web and TV show Shopkins, based on the successful toy line. The Pixel Zoo crew were new to Harmony at the time, and I was tasked with restructuring and completely redressing the existing rigs from the Shopkins movie for regular use in the World Fair season of the TV show. The web version of the show has a very huge and very young audience, commanding an extremely fast production schedule.

Alongside rigging the major human ‘Shoppies’ characters, I also lead the transition of the original ‘Shopkins’ characters from Flash to Harmony. Using the Flash To Harmony script as a launching pad I developed an efficient routine for getting the existing character rigs converted into the new software with as little redesign as possible.