Swift And Loose

The Lowdown

Swift And Loose is a 9 x 5min adult detective series aimed at a mystery-loving audience. It premieres on the Railtoons Animation channel from October 26, 2017 as the flagship animated series from Railtoons Animation.

Taking inspiration from classic film noir to gritty indie animation, Swift And Loose brings a unique visual style to an unusual detective story about revenge, forgiveness, and what it means to be human in a world full of loss.

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what’s it about?

Swift And Loose tells the story of Harley Swift (voiced by Sharon Belle from the popular web series Carmilla), a quick-witted private detective who is struggling to get back on her feet after the fiery death of her brother and detective partner, Tony Swift.

When a predatory businesswoman known as Madame Wolfe (voiced by Cassandra Wladyslava from the Warframe game franchise) shows up at Swift Detective Agency with burn scars and a missing employee, Harley must put aside her fears and investigate the seedy underworld of Woods Street.

As the case becomes more complex so too does the relationship between the young detective and her domineering client, especially as Harley becomes increasingly unsure of Wolfe’s true motives.

The original soundtrack from composer Jeremy King melds smoky noir-like jazz with gritty modern synths to create an incredibly emotive soundscape, fitting for the dramatic setting of Swift And Loose.

Swift And Loose animated web series: Film noir poster


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