2D Animation: Lumberjack

“Lumberjack” is a very short animation I produced in a few hours over one weekend. It was spawned from an animation exercise idea of two people of different strength levels trying to saw a log. Mostly I used “Lumberjack” as an exercise in speed, to see how quickly I could complete a limited animation with colours and backgrounds.


2D Animation: Cent Crazy

Cent Crazy short animated film poster

“Cent Crazy” was first screened at the 2014 Byron Bay International Film Festival, then went on to be officially selected for Fest Anca International Animation Festival 2015. I developed the one-minute animation in Toon Boom using a squigglevision line style, grunge backgrounds and partially transparent paint fills. Margaret Pomeranz gave it 4.5 stars, while David Stratton gave it 1. Or they may have been talking about a different film entirely.

2D Animation: Cliffhanger

“Cliffhanger” is a quick 20-second short I made in Flash to develop my character animation skills. Fun Fact: Keanu Reeves was originally set to star as the voice of the boulder, but had to back out of the production at the last minute as, in his words, “I don’t know who you are. How did you get this number?”