Cent Crazy

Cent Crazy short animated film poster

“Cent Crazy” was first screened at the 2014 Byron Bay International Film Festival, then went on to be officially selected for Fest Anca International Animation Festival 2015. I developed the one-minute animation in Toon Boom using a squigglevision line style, grunge paper backgrounds and partially transparent paint fills.

Margaret Pomeranz gave it 4.5 stars, while David Stratton gave it 1. Or they may have been talking about a different film entirely.


Award Winning Animation: Little Red Robot Hunter (2015)

Little Red Robot Hunter: Award Winning 2D Animation

Completed in early 2015, Little Red Robot Hunter is an original 2D animated short produced and animated by Maree Railton of Railtoons Animation.

Following the recent tradition of reinterpreting fairytales, it explores the idea of Little Red Riding Hood being retold as a futuristic chase scene, where a young woman living in the woods is confronted a Terminator-like robot wolf. Action ensues.

Made using a mixture of hand-drawn animation, painted backgrounds and multiplane compositing effects, LRRH was a traditionally-styled passion project and a pure joy to work on.

Awards/Official Screenings:
Most Outstanding 2D Project: Perception Showcase 2015
Official Selection: Melbourne International Animation Festival 2015
Official Selection: Athens AnimFest 2015

Community Training Australia

Community Training Australia Infographic

I was commissioned by Community Training Australia to create an animated video showcasing their Diploma of Alcohol, Other Drugs and Mental Health. Deciding the sleek look of motion graphics animation would work best for the project, I created the entire project in After Effects with a continuous camera to give an ongoing interest to the eye as well as a clear understanding of what the Diploma offers.

The Tea Party Incident

3D Environment Animation 'The Tea Party Incident'

I made The Tea Party Incident in 2014 as an experiment in narrative storytelling through environment design. Can a location tell a story? Can inanimate objects reflect the emotions of the humans who use them? Can you weave a mystery with no living remains?

Modelling – 3DS Max
Diffuse and specular maps – Photoshop
Normal maps – NDo

Music – The Book And The Canal by Calexico

Reef Reels: Avoid The Drama

Reef Reels Avoid The Drama

While doing an internship at Brisbane animation house Explanimate in 2014 I wrote, animated and composited this 2D animated short film about the Great Barrier Reef, which we lovingly dubbed ‘Avoid the Drama’. It was designed specifically for the Reef Reels competition run by Get Up: Action For Australia.

The guys at Explanimate were apparently blown away by my scriptwriting efforts, as the writing on this project sparked an ongoing position as their company blog writer and intermittent scriptwriter.

And it’s all thanks to a sick dolphin and some gossipy shrimp.


Cliffhanger is a quick 20-second short I developed in Flash. Fun Fact: Keanu Reeves was originally set to star as the voice of the boulder, but had to back out of the production at the last minute as, in his words, “I don’t know who you are. How did you get this number?”

Game Animation Cycles: Edwin

Edwin 3D Character Design

This is a character model with textures and animated moves/cycles for a low-poly game character I developed named Edwin, from my short-form game concept Lessons In Etiquette. Edwin is an awkward and unsettling teenage boy from the early 20th century who finds himself in the horrible modern-day world with his sinister twin sister Edith.

3D Character Animation: Edwin

Edwin 3D Character Design

Character model, textures and animated moves for a relatively low-poly game character I developed called Edwin. For those of you playing at home, you may recognise Edwin from my earlier post here: https://railtoons.wordpress.com/2014/06/30/2d-character-model-sheet-edwin/.

Edwin is an awkward and unsettling teenage boy from the early 20th century who finds himself in the horrible modern-day world with his sinister twin sister Edith.

I’ve been told by a few different folks that he looks quite Tim Burton-esque, which I choose to take as a big compliment. Enjoy. 🙂